Departmental Collection of the Evangelical Lyceum in Bratislava

from 14. 3. 2009
Archaeological Museum

The collection contains more than 1000 Egyptian and Ancient (Greek and Roman) objects as well as relics from the Stone, Bronze, Iron of Middle Ages and also including the modern times.

The Early History of Slovakia

Archaeological Museum

The exhibition presents the territory of Slovakia from the Early Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages as part of a rich and interesting history. The exhibited objects, reconstructions and a documentary film illustrate the knowledge of craftsmanship, social organisation and to a certain extent, spiritual life of our ancestors. The exhibition is accessible to sight-impaired visitors by touch line with...


Archaeological Museum

An exhibition of stone artefacts from Roman times to the late Middle Ages.

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The museum, operating all over Slovakia, houses a collection fund (over 150 000 objects) that extends from pre-history to the late Middle Ages.

The fund was established as a result of research by the museum staff, especially their own archaeological research, as well as donations and purchases. A diverse range of objects from the territory of Slovakia is supplemented by Egyptian, Greek and Roman ones.

The museum is located at the foot of the Bratislava Castle in the Renaissance building of Kamper Mansion dating from the 16th century.