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The Memories from childhood

The Memories from childhood from 4. 10. 2018 to 31. 12. 2018

The Slovak National Museum-The Museum of Puppet Cultures and Toys invites you to the exhibition of art works by naive artist Anna Kotvašová from Padina (Serbia). Anna Kotvašová is a member of the Museum of...


The Life with Puppets

The Life with Puppets from 17. 8. 2018

An exhibition from the work of a prominent Slovak puppet scenographer and art designer Jana Pogorielová will be presented at the Modrom Kameni castle. The exhibition presents puppets and scenes designed and...


Let´s touch the Middle Age

Let´s touch the Middle Age from 1. 5. 2016

Interactive exhibition about life in the medieval castles (13th - 14th century). Exhibition is based on real stories from life of the first known owner of Modrý Kameň castle, Peter Forró, noble man, which is also...


Castle Underground passages

Castle Underground passages from 6. 9. 2010

Underground passages from the castle were probably hand-carved into the sandstone massif. It was a reservoir of food and wine. The drawing shows some of the passages leading under the lower Gothic castle (now...


The view from the bastion

The view from the bastion from 1. 1. 2010

The ruins of a gothic castle is still the subject of archaeological and historical research. Due to the research it is largely closed to the public. However, you can walk at the southern bastion with a magnificent...



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