The Fly on the painting

from 6. 7. 2017 to 30. 9. 2017

We invite you to the exhibition in author's concept of Marta Herucová

A fly on the peinting usually occurs only as a motif, a tiny detail that can, but may not be symbolic. The exhibition features works from the Middle Ages to the present from various European authors. A fly embraced the temptation of the devil, sin, suffering, and death, its meanings have widened over time. The accuracy of the view varied since the Renaissance corresponded to a more or less realistic form, which also helped development of the illustrious technique of tromple l'œil (blind eye). Often it was portrayed at Madonna with a child, on saints, in still life, but also in portraits.

At the exhibition you can see original works by Franz Xaver Petter, Gregor Tatraya, Petra Michal Bohuna, Eduard Majsch, Veronika Rónaiová, Milan Bočkaya, Dušan Nágele, Bohdan Hostiňák, Vladimír Kordoš and Marc Marilung.