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Advertisement and Trade 1918-1948

Advertisement and Trade 1918-1948 from 18. 7. 2017

The Slovak word "reklama" (advertisement, advertising, merketing) is derived from the French word réclame or réclamér meaning to remind, point out, literally "repeatedly call", and the present exhibition intends to...


RONA - 125 years of glass

RONA - 125 years of glass from 7. 6. 2017 to 29. 10. 2017

The ambition of the exhibition project RONA – 125 YEARS OF GLASS is to introduce the evolution of design in the glassworks in Lednické Rovné since its establishment until present day, first of all current design...


Celts from Bratislava

Celts from Bratislava from 15. 12. 2016 to 1. 10. 2017

   The exihibition Celts from Bratislava offers to the visitors astonishing view to the past, to the times they lived in a territory of the city. It is the first ethnics known by their name living in our...


History of Slovakia

History of Slovakia from 12. 2. 2016

     There is no written evidence from the earliest periods of man’s presence on the Slovak territory.  The only proof of their existence are archaeological and anthropological finds. ...


Bratislava Castle on the Prints

Bratislava Castle on the Prints from 1. 1. 2014

The invention of the printing press enabled a significant expansion of graphical material besides the written word. At large began the publishing of engravings celebrating kings, mythological scenes, social events...



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