Archaeological research

Scientific research

Scientific research is one of the museum staff's main activities. In the field of archaeology, curators employed in the Museum of Archaeology follow on from the work of their predecessors in the SlovakNationalMuseum in Martin (founded in 1908) and in the SlovakRegionalMuseum in Bratislava (founded in 1924). The scientific research tasks of the specialist staff – curators – in the SNM – Museum of Archaeology are assigned by the Scientific Council, which also evaluates their progress.

Composition of the Scientific Council:
President: PhDr. Zdeněk Farkaš, PhD. SNM - AM Bratislava
Members: doc. PhDr. G. Březinová, CSc. AÚ SAV Nitra
Mgr. I. Bazovský, PhD. SNM - AM Bratislava

Long-term scientific research task for the whole institution:
The archaeology of the Small Carpathians with particular focus on fortified settlements.

Short-term research tasks (departmental):
Settlements of old linear ceramics in south-western Slovakia

Settlements of the Central Danube tumulus culture in western Slovakia

Prehistoric to early medieval settlement of the south-western part of Záhorie

Protohistoric settlement of the wider area of the Bratislava gate (in the La Tène and Roman periods)
Historical ceramic building materials in Slovakia

Archaeological research

The SNM-Museum of Archaeology undertakes safeguarding archaeology excavations caused by construction activities, ground work and so on.

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