Jose Andrés Lacko - Remembrance

Jose Andrés Lacko - Remembrance from 13. 9. 2018 to 27. 11. 2018

Jose Andrés Lacko is an Argentinian-born photographer and filmmaker with roots in Hungary and Slovakia who lives in Israel. After studying sociology in Peru, he attended the Academy of Film in Hungary, and later...


Lessing presents Lessing

Lessing presents Lessing from 17. 5. 2018 to 16. 8. 2018

Erich Lessing´s photographs illustrate the atmosphere of post war Europe, such as Allied occupation in Vienna, reconstruction in war-damaged Germany, life under communist rule in Eastern Europe, several political...


Żegota – The Council for Aid to Jews

Żegota – The Council for Aid to Jews from 21. 3. 2018 to 30. 6. 2018

The Council for Aid to Jews, codenamed "Żegota", was a unique, secret organisation affiliated with Polish authorities. Its goal was to rescue Jewish fellow citizens mass-murdered by the German occupier during the...


Jews in the Polish Army

Jews in the Polish Army from 3. 9. 2017 to 31. 10. 2017


Miranda – The Roma Holocaust

Miranda – The Roma Holocaust from 3. 8. 2017 to 21. 1. 2018

Miranda – The Roma Holocaust The exhibition offers a look at the European history through the prism of the Roma genocide. The symbol and the uniting concept of the exhibition is the story of a young Roma girl...