Czech Republic and Slovakia

from 16. 11. 2018 to 26. 5. 2019

What is the Czech Republic like one hundred years after its establishment? Do not expect an exhaustive answer, but accept at least a small mosaic, a glimpse of the face of a modern country, decorated with historical gems, into a land of tradition and openness toward Europe and the world. And although it is not always a paradise on earth, it is a beautiful country. The Czech Lands, our home.

Slovakia entered the almost 75-year-old marriage with the Czech Republic as a beautiful bride with a rather small dowry in comparison with the developed Czech industrial environment. Today's Slovak Republic has lost none of its magnificence: the breath-taking magic of the mountains, the mighty river and European waterway, lively folklore as well as the nostalgic charm of folk architecture. And from a country with a small dowry rose a global automotive superpower.