Looking into beauty italian landscape in photography

from 5. 6. 2019 to 3. 11. 2019

The exhibition, promoted by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Italian Cultural Institute) and the Embassy of Italy in Bratislava in collaboration with CRAF in Spilimbergo and the Fondazione Archivio 3M (3M Archive Foundation) in Milan, recounts the evolution of Italian landscape from 1950s to the present. 

The selection includes works by the most renowned names in Italian photography and illustrates the evolution of the Bel Paese (Italy- the Land of Beauty) between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Its metamorphoses, interaction between man and nature, between natural and urban landscape. 

The photographs also document a fundamental Principle enshrined in the Italian Constitution: „The Republic [...] protects the landscape and historical and artistic heritage of the Nation" (art. 9). 

Landscape is the apposition of cultural heritage (ancient monuments, churches, monasteries, castles, historic centres and agricultural or anthropized areas) and natural beauty (views of mountains, seas, forests, rivers). And yet, it is at the same time the set of traditions and customs of a people, their villages, and cities. This description marks a profound awareness that the territory and therefore the landscape of the Peninsula are complex and stratified due to the extraordinary sequence of events that took place in the country.

The works on display must be „looked at" as we usually do with the paintings by the great vedutists of past centuries; that is, they must be seen and enjoyed with the awareness that the landscape, the „natural picture" , as well defined by Benedetto Croce, is a primary and absolute value. Appreciation and understanding do not come through sight alone but involve our universe of sensory spheres and imaginative abilities.