Slovak National Museum. The Book

from 12. 7. 2021

Slovak National Museum publishes a publication for English-speaking visitors. This book strives to serve as a source of information on the history of Slovakia intermediated through the presentation of various items from the SNM collections. Facts from the history of the institution itself which mirror the history of Slovakia for the past 130 years are also presented. This is the Slovak National Museum's first English language publication and represents the payment of our debt to the general public. It promises to be a significant source of information for anyone interested in studying the history, culture, society, economy and nature of Slovakia. 

This book is also an expression of our gratitude and respect to the current employees of the Slovak National Museum and to the many museologists who were at the birth of this institution, who built the museum, even in difficult times, expanded its collections and exerted incredible effort to save, protect and present our national cultural heritage. 

Table of contents

The Slovak national Museum and its history
The Slovak National Museum and its collections
Selected items from the collections of the Slovak National Museum
Sources and literature
Authors of entries and their initials

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