The Army in the Uprising

from 18. 6. 2020 to 15. 11. 2020

The 1st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia had a decisive credit in holding the insurgent territory for two months in the rear of the German front troops. The army managed it despite the lack of armament, lacking in the training of troop members and cooperation with partisans. Therefore, in its assessment by the authorities of the Czechoslovak Ministry of National Defence in London in November 1944, it could be legitimately stated that, in addition to others: "It is unbelievably remarkable that the Czechoslovak troops under the command of Gen. Golian, and later Gen. Viest, managed to hold and keep the ground against the German troops with absolute superiority in tanks, artillery and air forces, despite desperately lacking material equipment. It was clear that the troops of the rear army, insufficiently armed and complemented by insufficiently trained backup soldiers, would not have been able to hold the whole territory where the military crews and civilians joined the open battle against the Germans. ...for two months in the deep rear of the enemy front, our troops made it impossible for the enemy to operate on two of the most important railways and ... at the time of decisive battles in eastern Capathians and in the Hungarian Lowlands, [our troops] attracted the attention of a number of the German higher units. This is a purely military, undeniable and very important contribution of the Czechoslovak battling in Slovakia. ... The effort the Slovak people and army had developed during the two-month fighting is admirable and has to be considered an important Czechoslovak contribution to the fight against Nazism."