Bible from the Library of SNM - Museum of Jewish Culture

from 6. 5. 2019 to 25. 5. 2019

In the library of the Slovak National Museum - Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava, namely in its historical collection, is richly represented religious literature of Judaism and the Hebrew Bible - Tanach, but there is also a Christian Bible.

In addition to its fundamental religious function, the Bible was an equally important starting point in shaping a European culture based on Jewish-Christian tradition. It has been translated into about 1800 languages ​​and dialects and is the most widely used book in the world.  

Outlined contexts have prompted the intention to present a selection of different Bible editions at a separate exhibition. The exhibition presents over a hundred editions of the Bible and literature on it. The oldest prints are the Concordance Hebrew-Latin Dictionary for the Bible (Thesaurus Linguae Sanctae) printed in London in 1680 and the Bible Hebraica printed in Frankfurt am Main in 1716. United States of America and Israel. The exhibition focuses primarily on the presentation of the Hebrew Bible - collectively and in part (Torah, Naviim - Prophets, Ketuvim - Writings), but also presents Christian Bible and Bible publications.

Due to the sensitivity of the exhibited material, the exhibition will only be available for a limited time (until May 24, 2019).