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„On Friday and Holiday“ (Folk costumes in Turiec Region)

„On Friday and Holiday“ (Folk costumes in Turiec Region) from 31. 1. 2020 to 31. 10. 2020
Slovak National Museum in Martin

How did Turiec residents dress on ordinary or exceptional days? The beauty of the traditional clothing of the region will be presented „On Friday and Holiday" exhibition, open at the Ethnographic Museum. Turiec is...


Vestment press

Vestment press from 21. 1. 2020 to 21. 9. 2021
Museum of History

A vestment press is a closable furniture – a cabinet similar to a chest of drawers or a secretary – with lockable doors to store liturgical robes (vestments) and items. Liturgical items are kept in the sacristy, a...


Leucha 1249 – Leutscha 1400

Leucha 1249 – Leutscha 1400 from 8. 12. 2019 to 8. 12. 2020
Spiš Museum

Thanks to the activities of the archaeologists in the past 150 years we have no doubt today that Levoča and its immediate surroundings had been continuously settled long centuries before the town itself appeared in...



TRITRI from 6. 12. 2019 to 12. 7. 2020
Natural History Museum

The High Tatras (Tritri = a word of Slavic origin referring to rocky cliffs), despite their small size and modest altitude, do not have to be ashamed by world-famous mountains. They are eligible referred to as the...


Michal Milan Harminc, Museum Builder

Michal Milan Harminc, Museum Builder from 21. 11. 2019 to 31. 5. 2020
SNM residency

In 2019 we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth and the 55th anniversary of the death of Michal Milan Harminc, an important Slovak architect and builder of the first half of the 20th century. He also left...



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