Jose Andrés Lacko - Remembrance

from 13. 9. 2018 to 27. 11. 2018

Jose Andrés Lacko is an Argentinian-born photographer and filmmaker with roots in Hungary and Slovakia who lives in Israel. After studying sociology in Peru, he attended the Academy of Film in Hungary, and later directed some successful productions. In 1981 he began photographing Jewish life in Hungary and Slovakia . He immigrated to Israel in 1986 while continuing work on his project of documenting Hungarian and Slovak Jewish life, and had several exhibitions on this subject. His current exhibition, entitled Remembrance, focuses on the many ways memory is kept alive and looks to the future. Tradition and contemporaneity create a road with many nuances that tells of the complexity of continuity. It is a story that reflects on the endurance of memory and the vitality of looking forward. The twenty-four images in the exhibition show traditional and modern means of remembrance.