VEDEM – the magazine of the boys of Terezin Ghetto

from 29. 3. 2019 to 24. 5. 2019

Documentary exhibition also presents artwork of Israeli painter Chava Pressburger, sister of Petr Ginz, founder and chief editor of VEDEM – the illegal magazine of the boys of Terezin Ghetto.

In the times of Terezin Ghetto, creativity took place in dusty attics, cellars, youth barracks and on the small-sized bunks. There were beginners' attempts, but also literary, composer, theatre, cabaret works and fine arts of high value. Hundreds of evening lectures were organized for elderly, who had no chance to survive. The boys performed poems and operas, formed singing ensembles. It was a spiritual asylum, the only stage, where the rehearsal was as important as the „premiere".