Advertisement and Trade 1918-1948

from 18. 7. 2017 to 11. 12. 2018

The Slovak word "reklama" (advertisement, advertising, merketing) is derived from the French word réclame or réclamér meaning to remind, point out, literally "repeatedly call", and the present exhibition intends to follow this meaning of the word and remind the visitors of the early periods of marketing following the desintegration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy p to the year 1948. It would like to point out the phenomenon of advertising as a communication tool between the seller and the buyer and draw attention to the fact this phenomenon had become part of everyday life and was of decisive importance for current fashionable trends in society, reflecting, at the same time, the time of their origin in everyday life. Advertising tried to highlight a given moment and make it excetional and thus promote an ordinary purchase to a social event. To own a certain product, or visit a recommended cultural event had become a matter of social prestige. Advertisement, simultaneously, reflects the time of its origin and can also be a statement of a given period of time and thus become its attribute, too.