From the shadow to the light (when a permanent exhibition is being created...)

from 17. 5. 2014 to 31. 5. 2015

The curators have selected the displayed collection objects from historical, numismatic, visual art, folk art, artistic crafts and applied art collections which are part of the collection funds of the Slovak National Museum – Museum of History at the Bratislava Castle. The oldest out of more than 130 precious artefacts comes from the 2nd century A.D., the youngest from the early 20th century. They cover the whole area of Slovakia, some come from other European countries. In the planned exhibition they will be included together with tens of other objects into a unified compositions. The more can their individual artistic and historical value excel at this exhibition. Each collection is represented by one, or sometimes several, collection items which have been sensitively selected to show their aesthetic value. We believe that the presented collection created of precious coins, liturgical objects, sculptural and painting works of art, historical clothes and textiles, jewelry, folk art and many other artefacts will enhance the knowledge and delight the hearts of all those who will be coming to the Bratislava castle now and also in the future.