Two as One - Design of Czech and Slovak Glass 1918 - 2018

from 14. 6. 2019 to 1. 12. 2019

Czech and Slovak glass together form asymphonic poem, consisting of two sentences – of two signifi cant chapters of European glassmaking that we can be rightfully proud of. The history of glassmaking is not only interesting from the cultural and historical point of view, but it is also achallenge for the scientist community. It deals with the stories that intermingle, yet never fully unite. Every story has its own essence, which was present even in the period of existence of Czechoslovakia. Therefore, the title "Two as One" then refers to the close neighbourhood of Czechia and Slovakia in the heart of Europe. It also refers to the united state, with the sense of correlation as well as divergence that remained untouched in spite of cultural conditions. For the exhibition we selected mainly the examples of beverage glass, because it was this area, where both countries historically and most significantly influenced and complemented each other.