Exchanged Homes

from 30. 11. 2016 to 31. 12. 2019

One of the major events affecting the lives of many in Central Europe after WW II was the forced resettlement of various groups of the population due to contemporary political decisions. The post-war migration in Europe - resettlement of Germans, deportation of Hungarians from Slovakia to Bohemia, repatriation of Slovaks and Czechs from abroad and the population exchange between Czechoslovakia and Hungary - changed the ethnic composition of post-war Czechoslovakia.

The Slovak National Museum-Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia has commemorated this period with its exhibition entitled Exchanged Homes, presenting the fates of the various population groups, who simultaneously became victims of these events. By presenting authentic documents, relics and testimonies of witnesses along with displays of sample homes of German, Hungarian and Slovak families, the exhibition follows contemporary events and shows visitors how political decisions affected the life and fate of individuals belonging to particular groups of the population.