Zoltán Nagy

from 23. 10. 2019 to 31. 1. 2020

Zoltán Nagy, who started out as a graphic artist, became known for his diploma work, The Madách Series. His rich intellectual world and his craft knowledge made his place in the art world clear. His graphics and illustrations have been published in many magazines and books and are still published today; he is a prolific creator and regularly appears in exhibitions.

Besides graphics, he has been interested in copperplate, ink drawing, collage and painting for some time. Beyond the canvas he works with a variety of imaging materials including cardboard, fiberboard and also kitchen door. He paints mainly with oils and acrylic; he works bravely with the picture-plane: he paints over and over, splits, stitches, plasters - so he provokes.

Looking at his vibrating pictures, we know that the only key to them is the attentive and unconditional observing that enables free association. This is because the artist apparently believes in free association and imaging. The main feature of Nagy's art is liberation. That's why his pictures can be so drifting...