School in the museum

Programme titled School in the Museum / Science through Play is a long-term teaching project developed within the Slovak National Museum in 2005. It is based on an interactive educational programme of the SNM Natural History Museum – which today provides the roof for educational activities of all the specialised museums making up the Slovak National Museum. The School in the Museum project incorporates a set of special activities and programmes striving to provide the best possible experience for visitors to our exhibitions. These activities are built around gaining knowledge in the museum while making an informal environment and creating space for children’s games, interaction, experiments, fun and discussion. In this way, children and young people are encouraged to learn actively, stirring their desire for exploration, curiosity and willingness to investigate how things around us work. Teachers are able to enliven their teaching, to make the learning process more attractive and deepen pupils’ and students’ knowledge through direct experience and contact with exhibits linked to teaching goals.

The School in the Museum programme offers both teachers and students inspiration, fun ideas, explorations and interesting findings. Everyone can learn, discuss, think creatively and have a good time. We are looking forward to your visit!