Night of Museums and Galleries 2017

20. 5. 2017, 19:30

Night of Museums and Galleries 2017
Saturday, 20th of May 2017

Night tours with count Palfi, ghosts and spirits throught the Castle sometimes only in the light of a candle or a torch.
Programme is only in Slovak language.

at 7.30 p.m./7.45 p.m./8.00 p.m./8.15 p.m./8.30 p.m./8.45 p.m./9.00 p.m./9.15 p.m./9.30 p.m.

Booking for the night tour please, send to:

Accompanying events:

Exhibition „Dresses make people" - in Castle interiors
Column´s Hall - photo for night tour visitors in historical costumes

We are waiting for your visit!