Calendar Of Events 2015

from 1. 1. 2015, 11:10 to 31. 12. 2015, 11:10


15. 2.
Shrovetide Will Be Over Soon
Shrovetide walk-about with traditional masks, burying of the contrabass and other Shrovetide entertainment.

29. 3.
Easter in the Countryside
Traditional spring customs and rituals presented by children's folk groups. Easter customs and demonstrations of Easter egg decoration.

26. 4.
Love in the Countryside
Erecting of the Maypoles and love customs presented by folk groups and ensembles.

31. 5.
Children's Sunday
Children folk groups’ performances, a stroll through fairytale and other attractions for children.

14. 6.
Today an Apprentice, Tomorrow a Master
Students of secondary art academies present the traditional craft.

20. 6.
St. John's Day
Presentations of customs connected with the summer solstice, Midsummer entertainment with dancing course.

12. 7.
Turiec Harmonica
The 13th year of an event dedicated to harmonica players from the Turiec and neighbouring regions.

26. 7. 
Flax Sunday 
Processing of a flax fibres and sheep wool, traditional clothing.

9. 8. 
Te prindžaras amen/ Let’s Get to Know Each Other
Folk traditions, customs, traditional crafts and modern art handicrafts of the Roma people living in Slovakia.

23. 8. 
Harvest Festival 
Celebration of the harvest works as presented by folk groups, grain processing presentations including manual threshing and grinding, tasting of the grain products.

13. 9.
Man and Nature  
Learning about animate and inanimate nature. Advice on collecting mushrooms, advice on dealing with vermin in the household.

27. 9. 
St. Michael´s Fair
Traditional anual fair of folk producers and craftsmen from the northwest of Slovakia.

11. 10.  
When the Winter Asks You...
Traditional processing of agricultural crops, potatoes in traditional and contemporary culture, tasting potato foods.

13. 12.   
Christmas in the Countryside
Advent and Christmas customs, walk-about carol-singers and St. Nicholas with his companions, making Christmas decorations, baking waffles, gingerbread decorating.