Martin Benka Museum

Dear visitors,

please note that due to the planned reconstruction of the Martin Benka Museum, the public exposure will be closed from February 16th, 2019 until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you in the new, reconstructed premises.

The exposition presents an authentic environment and an artwork by a prominent, versatile artist, mainly a painter and illustrator – the national artist Martin Benka.
The interior of the museum – the study, the studio and the bedroom – is preserved in an authentic form according to the last will of Master Benka.

The study hosted a narrow circle of artist´s friends. Here, Benka had lived most in the last years of his life. Especially at the desk, where he continued writing memoirs and dealing with numerous correspondence. Here were created small utility works as well as other varied works (book illustrations, ex libris, stamp designs).The artist's personal library as well as freely exhibited artifacts testify to the versatility of Benka's interests.

The studio bears the most distinctive seal of Benka's personality. In addition to the artist's favorite artworks, there are also objects related to his personal interests.
He sincerely admired traditional folk art (ceramics, glass paintings, shepherd's shepherd's special kitchen utensils, musical instruments and traditional folk clothing).
For many years he gathered him and was inspired by him also in his painter´s works.
In addition to the well-known artworks (Spring in Sliače, 1936; Grounds under the Snow, 1937; Autumn Days, 1937; Axemen under Ďumbier, 1949; Plain Melodies, 1948; Under Hradová – Boca, 1962) the 24-part cycle has its permanent place here: Rangers and Guardians of Slovakia (1939 – 1942), representing men and women in characteristic folk clothing from individual regions of Slovakia with philosophical-symbolic significance.
The studio also includes Benka's attempts at sculptural work.

The simple furnishings of the bedroom, mostly from the parents´s house, testify to the simplicity and modesty of Martin Benka. From the collection of musical instruments, the violin has a special value and exceptional shape originality. They were designed and manufactured between 1942 and 1963 by master Benka himself.
Authenticity of the environment is complemented by various utility objects, the oldest preserved children's drawings from 1896, drawing and photographic portraits from several periods of Benka's life, as well as a coat–hanger with a work coat and a hat.
The small gallery, which has served as a picture gallery since the artist's life since 1960, is an example of only a small part of Benka's free painter´s work. Oil paintings on canvas are a cross-section of the artist's work and create a picture of his painting focus.

It is a representative selection of works together with studies of the Slovak landscape (1926 –1968) created in the open air, presenting the range of his works from the 1920s to 1960s, the developmental stages of his painter´s handwriting, as well as the representation of the themes and localities of Slovakia in the artist's work.


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Martin Benka Museum (Múzeum Martina Benku) – now closed due to reconstruction
Kuzmányho 34, Martin