Museum of the Slovak Village

The Orava region is the oldest accessible exposition of the museum area. One of the most remarkable buildings is the yeoman-estate from Vyšný Kubín from 1748. The region represents a total of 10 peasant´s homesteads.

Also represented are technical objects (blacksmith's workroom from Suchá Hora, oil-mill from Oravské Veselé), social (gamekeeper´s lodge and pub from Oravská Polhora), solitaires of farm buildings (granaries and potato pits from Sedliacka Dubová, Zuberec and Dlhá nad Oravou), small sacral buildings (chapel from Bziny and Krušetnica).

The street, which is mainly made up of peasant´s homesteads, is complemented by a pub object from Oravská Polhora from 1811, which provides the possibility of catering and refreshments.

The dominant of presented Turiec region is the Roman Catholic wooden church from Rudno dating from 1792.

During a program events of The ethnographic year a Roman Catholic Holy Masses or Evangelical Services of God are held in the church.

In the region of Turiec there are also other unique buildings, eg. wooden garden house „filagória" from Slovenské Pravno, or a separate shelter for waggons and pub under one roof „voziareň" from Moškovec.

Altogether seven homesteads have been realized in the region (homestead from Nolčovo, Sklabiňa, Dubové, Moškovec, Slovany, Trebostovo, Čremošné), six sacral buildings (church from Rudno, chapels from Benice, Slovany, Polerieka, belfry from Ondrašová, Košťany), two craft workshops (hat-maker's and cloth-maker's workshop from Veľký Čepčín), four objects of social character (waggon 's house from Moškovec, garden house from Slovenské Pravno, shop and firehouse from Laskár, the yeoman-curia from Blážovce) and solitaires of farm buildings (barn from Blatnica, granary from Karlová).

The Kysuce – Podjavorníky region represents the culture and folk architecture of the inhabitants of Kysuce, Javorníky, Žilina basin, Rajec valley and central Považie.
The object of elementary school from Petrovice and chief shepherds from Papradno which represent the most widespread variant of the seasonally used object in the rural zone
in area of Javorníky.

In the street built-up area are presented peasant´s homesteads from Kysuce.
In scattered settlement form (in the form of scattered settlements), these are seasonally used buildings from the area of Kysuce and Javorníky.

In August 2005, the first two homesteads in the exposition part of the Liptov region were opened to visitors – the homesteads from Vavrišovo and Východná.

In this part of the MSD there are also homesteads not accessible to visitors, concretely from Liptovská Lúžna, Hubová, Liptovská Sielnica, Nižná Boca, bell tower from Trstená, granaries from Hubová and Ludrová, haylofts from Liptovská Kokava and others.


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