History and Culture of Handlová

The exhibition titled History and Culture of Handlová presents the history and culture of Germans living in Handlová. Many coloured and black-and-white photographs and reproductions of coloured postcards depict the metamorphosis of Handlová during its rich 630-year history. The exhibition rooms are divided into two parts. At the beginning, visitors learn about the history of Carpathian Germans in Handlová through archaeological artefacts. Maps of houses and yards reflect the typical division of the municipality into pieces of agricultural land, parts oriented on crafts in Handlová centre, and a mining area which began to write its history only in 1909. The second part of the exhibit offers technical and architectural jewels, such as the Church of Saint Catherine, currently a dominant feature of the town and mining tools providing evidence of the town’s extraction of brown coal. German women’s clothing from Handlová and a period costume from the local Grünwald choir also form part of the exhibition. The exhibition is complemented by accompanying text in Slovak and German languages.