The History and the Present day of Slovak puppet theatres

expozícia The Puppet theater exhibition offers the visitors a picture of the history, evolution and present day of this artistic discipline. Traditional puppetry is presented by the marionettes of major families of puppeters – Stražan and Dubský families. In the collection, there is the original mobile nomad scene - caravan that is installed in the courtyard of the castle. A new feature of this season is a traditional folk theater of the third branch of the family Dubský from Kosice as the original theater, with original painted scenes by Mr. Boško (painter from Prague) and a set of traditional wooden marionettes from several wood carvers (from the second half of the 19th century). Original theatrical scenery of major Czech artists (Štapfer, Christania, Engelmüller etc.) and puppets designed by M. Ales from the Münzberg and Stroch company is a sample of of the family and federal puppetry era in the first half of the 20th century.

expozíciaAnother group of exhibits are artifacts from five professional Slovak puppet theaters - Puppet theater Žilina, Bratislava Puppet Theatre, the Old Theatre in Nitra, Kosice puppet theater and Puppet theater at the Crossroads of Banská Bystrica. Each theater is presented from it´s beginning in 1950 until today.