Tour – Renaissance fortress

The spacious cellars and unique fortification system of the former renaissance fortress can be seen during The Renaissance Fortress guided tours and Long-guided tour. The cellars are one of the biggest in the Middle Europe. They were built by a rich merchant family – the Fuggers during the second phase of the renaissance fortress building in 1548-1555 under the whole south-western wing of the castle. They were used as storage places for various commodities, mainly wine. The cellars are divided into two tracts. The external tract is of two floors, the lower one consisting of a hall 70 meters long and 9 meters high. From the cellars it is also possible to go to the fortification or defence system of the castle – the bastions placed in the corners with so-called casemates and loop holes. The Red Stone Castle has four corner bastions – each one is different in terms of architecture and building of each one lasted 2 years. It is possible to see three bastions during this tour: western, southern and eastern one. The northern bastion is open for free during the summer season.