The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of Earth

3rd floor

Exhibition Miracle of nature - Biodiversity of Earth gradually introduces visitors to the nature of different environments on the Earth - the polar regions, tundra, tropical forests, grasslands, deserts, coral reefs, coasts, etc.. Exhibition shows the immense variety and diversity of living organisms - millions of species of plants, animals, microorganisms and complex ecosystems, which developed to their present form in a very long time. This survey of miraculous diversity of the Earth also shows that for the existence of man on earth, it is important to preserve all living organisms as well as inanimate elements of nature forming their environment.
Written by: Mgr. J. Kautman, Mgr. J. Uhlířová
Visual design: P. Choma, Acad. had.
Implementation: P. Choma, Acad. had.
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