The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of Slovakia

2nd floor

Exhibition Miracle of Nature - Biodiversity of Slovakia is situated in four rooms with a total area of 882 m2. Introduction to the exhibition is also an introduction to the world of living nature. The visitor is attracted by spectacular pictures of micro flora and fauna. Through simple animations he becomes familiar with the fundamental processes of photosynthesis and with the basic systematic classification of living organisms. Immediately after he is overwhelmed by the huge size fish - over six meters long Beluga, which occurred in Slovakia at the beginning of the 20 century, but recently is not found in our area.
Dioramas with dominant representatives of our fauna were added and used in accordance with the philosophy of the current exhibition for the realistic presentation of habitats. The ten original dioramas were supplemented by two new and together with installations in five showcases allow visitors to observe the diversity of vegetation types in Slovakia - from the plains over the hills to the highest mountain ranges – together with the animals that may be seen in the area. Visitor can expect sight under water surface, in a maze of bizarre rock formations, as well as a walk through the woods.
The story of diversity of Slovak fauna is presented in 30 showcases, where representatives of the species are arranged in different systematic groups (mollusks, crustaceans, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals). Presentation is supplemented by skeletal material, nests and eggs of birds and mammals footprints.
Plant species are displayed in drawings of renowned illustrator of the popular-scientific literature academic painter Jindřich Krejča at 30 backlit stands, presenting significant species of 32 habitats. They complement authentic botanical material and spatial installations in the dioramas. Drawings of J. Krejča are also used to supplement showcases presenting animals.
The end of the exhibition presents the treasures of Slovak nature - national parks and the main ideas of conservation efforts. The aim of the authors was to show the fragility and vulnerability of nature and the importance of activities aimed at its protection. Mirror, placed at the end of exposure, warns that man is merely a small part of the brilliant natural world. Whether or not the highest, let everyone decide for himself.
Exhibition Miracle of nature - Biodiversity of Slovakia follows the philosophy of the exhibition Miracle of nature – Earth´s Biodiversity, which was opened to the public in 2006. SNM - Natural History Museum by opening the exhibitions fulfilled an important role, resulting from the implementation of the Action Plan for implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy of Slovakia, in the year 2010, which was declared International Year of Biodiversity by UNESCO.