Laterarius – the History of Brickmaking in Slovakia

The LATERÃRIUS exhibition presents the development of ceramic building materials and their production in Slovakia from its beginnings in Roman times until the twentieth century. The most representative brick products created by masters from the Roman province of Pannonia, medieval Hungary and modern Austro-Hungary and Czechoslovakia are exhibited here. Visitors can also try modelling their own brick products in moulds made using the original tools.

The creators of the exhibition have also prepared a website – - where you can read several articles about the history of brick-making and look through the Register of Brick Brands in Slovakia. For the moment, one thousand items of modern stamped bricks are classified in it and can be searched using a filter.

Kamper manor-house – entrance from the Podhradie Exhibition Pavilion, Žižkova 16, cellar of the SNM-AM, Žižkova 12