The museum was established on January 1, 1997 as a specialized museum of the Slovak National Museum. Its predecessor, the Department of History and Culture of Carpathian Germans, had been established on August 1, 1994 as part of the Historical Museum of SNM. MCGC is engaged in collection, protection, processing and presentation of articles demonstrating the material and spiritual culture of Carpathian Germans and treats their history and culture as objectively as possible.

It has branches located in Nitrianske Pravno and Handlová. The centre for documentation and information is also part of the museum and specializes in the history and culture of Carpathian Germans. However, its fundamental purpose is library collection of Slovak and foreign periodicals and non-periodic literature. MCGC can be considered the most comprehensive institution in this field in Slovakia.

MCGC is located in Sunyal’s maison on Žižkova Street in Bratislava. Originally a small single-room medieval house was extended at the end of 15th century by a covered crossing. In the 17th century, a court wing was added and a cellar was hollowed into the base rock. This was the period when this building was named after one of its owners. In the mid 18th century, it was modified in Baroque style – some premises were arched and extended by court house buildings. In the very same period, this building accommodated a well-known hostelry “K zlatému anjelovi” (To the Golden Angel). In the first third of the 19th century, the site went through its empire era, which ended with the addition of a second floor. The building served as an apartment building with a long gallery and apartments located in the court wing. Restoration of the building took place at the end of 20th century.