About the museum

Mission and history of the museum


The mission of the museum is to safekeep and promote Jewish culture and art in Slovakia. Its activities are focused on the development of spiritual and material Jewish culture and the documentation of the Holocaust in Slovakia. The main activities of the museum focus on collecting, documenting and presenting. It strives to protect Jewish cultural items, documents, paintings, and memorial objects from being destroyed, forgotten or taken outside the country, as well as to present them to the general public via expositions and exhibitions. The results are remarkable and they speak for themselves.     


The Museum of Jewish Culture began to take shape on the grounds of the Historical Museum of the SNM as the Department of Jewish Culture, and became a specialized museum of the Slovak National Museum network with state-wide scope since 1994. 

The museum branches can be found at the SNM – Museum of Jewish Culture on Židovská Street in Bratislava and at the Holocaust Museum on Kasárenská Street in Sereď.