The Holocaust: Between Memory and History

Zborník príspevkov z konferencie Holokaust medzi pamäťou a históriou, Bratislava, 30.9 – 1.10.2013. v anglickom jazyku. Papers from the conference held in Bratislava on September 30th - October 1st, 2013.


  • LAJČÁK, M.: A letter of salutation to mark the international conference
  • MEŠŤAN, P.: Memory and reality at the Museum of Jewish Culture
  • FARKAŠOVÁ, E.: On the need for memory and remembering
  • YABLONKA, H.:Shoah - Memory? History? The Israeli case
  • VAGO, R.:The Holocaust: Between collective amnesia and collective memory - The case of Hungary and Romania -
  • LUTZD, T.: Das Dialektische verhältnis zwischen nationaler und internationaler auseinandersetzung mit den verbrechen des NS-Regimes und der anerkennung der opfer - das beispiel Deutschland
  • MUNK, J.: The Jewish community in the Czech Republic since 1989
  • BLODIGT, V.: Terezin and the commemoration of the Holocaust in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
  • VANĚK, M.: The Legacy of Sobibor - in light of a project to renovate the Museum and commemorative site
  • BIALOWITZ, P.: A testimony from the Sobibor extermination camp
  • KORČOK, M.: The status of Jews in Slovakia between 1945 - 1948
  • SCHUSTER, M.: Nazis bested by boy who breathed in smell of death - MIROSLAV ČAPLOVIČTestimonies of witnesses to the Roma Holocaust at the Museum of Roma Culture in Brno
  • ČAPLOVIČ, M.: Nazis bested by boy who breathed in smell of death
  • ČAPLOVIČ, M.: Surviving the Holocaust was matter for great joy
The Holocaust:  Between Memory and History
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